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People would love freedom from money, freedom of time, dream holidays, a better car, a dream house, and more fun, etc. So, you're here to find something! Congratulations!. We'll let you know the opportunity to get closer to it. Technology has revolutionized almost everything in modern society. The foreign exchange market is becoming more active as a result of the development of trading platforms.  With the advent of new blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency market is steadily growing and increasingly playing a role as an alternative currency. Therefore, the size of the global currency market is rapidly expanding. There is a saying, ' The one who survives is strong. '  It's not easy to create stable profits in the world of trading. CMP has prepared particular systems to achieve revenue by efficiently utilizing the strengths of social trading.

CMP Compensation Plan

Principles & Features

There are pros and cons about everything. Binary plan is good for teambuilding and easy to understand. So, many companies are using a binary plan, but its disadvantages as follows are well known. It is essential for you to keep your legs balanced because you only get paid on your smaller leg. If you have more members on one leg than the other, you are only going to get paid out on the smaller leg.

You can't get any benefit from the spillover that you're receiving from your upline for your bonus volume of smaller leg. Therefore, spillover, which is one of the things that everyone thinks is so great about a binary plan, won't help you unless you're actively recruiting and building your smaller leg.

By effectively combining the monoline plan with the binary plan, CMP created a compensation plan that would benefit new members and less able members. Our compensation plan let you earn profit sharing & bonuses, not only for your sales or the sales made by the members through you, but also for the sales made by the members who do not belong to your downline.

CMP has created three kinds of new monoline bonuses that create a synergy effect for the entire organization as a team by the harmonious income distribution between the top and lower members or between the members in another leg.

The more other members you introduce, the more likely you are to receive the monoline matching bonus. Every week, you have the opportunity to receive a lot of performance bonus if you meet the requirements. As a result, CMP plan is an easy plan to benefit from upline sponsors, or, members of another team.

The advantages of

CMP Compensation plan are as follows

  • Monoline genealogy that brings the whole club together.
  • Two kinds of profit sharing; Daily sharing by USD and Coin sharing by BTC.
  • Fully automated upgrading cause your wealth to snowball.
  • Can get big prize money from unique Lucky Champion Event for predicting bitcoin price.
  • Fair plan where everyone can get paid.
  • No monthly maintenance and lifetime passive income earnings

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Don’t miss Lucky champion event

Lucky Champion Event is an special event that participants predicts the bitcoin price at the closing time of each round, and award to the members who predict nearest and closest price to the actual bitcoin price.