How we work

Almost as soon as social media began to take over the world, people involved in the trading markets saw the potential of a linked social trading network. And, recently, implementations of AI rose significantly in so many platforms around the world.

We were aware of the strengths of rapidly growing social trading and AI technology. So, we created a unique automated trading system which helps to select profitable trading leaders and offers strategies to maximize the ability of trading leaders we follow.

We are proud to have an advanced system, playing an essential role in maximizing trading success with the power of artificial intelligence in the social trading market.

We provide all our club members a new way to smile on the trading market and learn the potential and opportunity of social trading.

Once the trading leaders' team and asset portfolio successfully set with a systematic approach, we copy their trades over a period. And, the trading result will share with members who joined us for a period.

We are a team of professionals who are fully prepared to devote ourselves to you.

Start today before your acquaintances begin! 


Don’t miss Lucky champion event

Lucky Champion Event is an special event that participants predicts the bitcoin price at the closing time of each round, and award to the members who predict nearest and closest price to the actual bitcoin price.