Who is CMP?

CMP(Club Mega Planet) is an international membership club that provides members a new way to smile on the trading market and established to learn the potential and opportunity of social trading and share the experience with others.

To generate stable profits in the forex and cryptocurrency market, we created a system which systematically analyze various trading strategies according to the suitability to traders.

Social trading enables less experienced traders to share trading ideas on the trading network and to make their financial trading decisions based on other skilled traders.

We have enough experience and expertise since we have worked for social trading for a long time. Recently, to expand business area in the social trading industry, we decided to open up new doors to members to share the opportunity for the new world of trading.

Our mission & vision

It costs a lot of money and time to grow a profitable trader. So, it is much more economical and takes low risk to copy their trades after discovering top performing social trading leaders. Raising a profitable trader is not simple. So, we conclude that discovering a profitable trader is a better choice.

We have built a unique financial system that can organize and manage the optimal portfolio. We hope that many people around the world can understand the social trading and have a chance to learn more.

Our vision is to help people around the world have financial freedom and to make CMP grow in one of the leading assets management club in the world.

This is where you come in!

You make a deposit into our plan, and our advanced plan will take this deposit and go to work for you!

Don’t miss Lucky champion event

Lucky Champion Event is an special event that participants predicts the bitcoin price at the closing time of each round, and award to the members who predict nearest and closest price to the actual bitcoin price.